Corn (Scroll edition)


6 x 74 inches. The Picture Press, 2023. Edition of 6. 14 woodcuts and handset metal and wood type. Printed by hand onto a single sheet of Kitakata paper that has been laminated onto a backing sheet. The first iteration of the idea to make a book about corn. The 14 woodcuts are designed to interlock at the top and bottom margins, creating a seamless image throughout the scroll. The paper is also seamless, the roll being printed by registering the woodcuts by the hand then feeding the roll through a nipping press to make an impression. Additional burnishing was done with a wooden spoon. While, overall, the edition appears very much the same, each scroll is unique due to the printing process. Bound as a scroll with a carved poplar dowel at one end and an aluminum hanging rod, cover sheet, and ribbon at the other end. Housed in an archival box.